Summer Village of Sunset Beach 

Summer Village of Sunset Beach - Information for residents:

An information kit for residents of the Summer Village can be downloaded here: Download

Health Advisories for Blue-green Algae.
Alberta Health officials change public warnings about dangerous algae blooms in Alberta lakes.
Additional Details can be found here.

Summer Village Council 2016 Approved Minutes Archive:
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Formation of Foam on shores of Water Bodies.

The following article by Ron Zurawell provides information on the formation of foam along shorelines of Alberta Lakes. Foam on Water Bodies.

Credit: Dr. Ron Zurawell, Ph.D., P.Biol. Limnologist/Water Quality Specialist, Alberta Environment

Summer Village Sewage Committee:

A Committee of Summer Village residents was formed in the Spring of 2011 with a mandate from Council to obtain input from property owners, Environmental Organizations, other Municipalities, Wastewater Specialists and Government on what can be done to mitigate detrimental effects of inadequate Septic Systems, Wastewater Management and Sanitation within Municipal Boundaries.

The Committee held several public meetings, conducted their research and prepared a report containing recommendations to Council. Their report can be downloaded here: Download

In October of 2012 Council hired a private contractor to conduct an inventory of Private Sewage systems within Municipal boundaries. The purpose of the inventory is to create a record of private sewage systems in the Summer Village. The intent of the inventory is to ultimately identify systems that may be deleterious to public health and/or the environment.

A proposed Sewage Bylaw was given first reading during a Council meeting held on Sunday, March 30, 2014. The Bylaw requires second and third reading before enactment. Summer Village property owners are urged to review the Bylaw and submit any recommendations/comments to members of Council.

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Whispering Hills Transfer/Landfill Hours of Operation: Please go to there website.

"Respect our Lakes" an Alberta Government Web site with important information.

Financial Statements:
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