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 Summer Village of Sunset Beach 


The Seniors Property Tax Deferral Program: Download


Water level update - Information for Residents:

July 2017 Information Download

April 2018 Information - Download

BAILS - Information:Download

RULES & REGULATIONS (Small Vehicles) - Download

Owning & Operating Small Vehicles - Download

Shoreline Damage - Letter to Residents: Download

Alberta Environment & Parks Letter - Download

Environmental Protection Officer Letter -Download

Health Advisories for Blue-green Algae.
Alberta Health officials change public warnings about dangerous algae blooms in Alberta lakes.
Additional Details can be found here.

Summer Village Regular Council 2017 & 2018 Approved Minutes Archive.

February 7, 2017 Download

April 11, 2017 Download

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January 12, 2019

Formation of Foam on shores of Water Bodies.
The following article by Ron Zurawell provides information on the formation of foam along shorelines of Alberta Lakes. Foam on Water Bodies.
Credit: Dr. Ron Zurawell, Ph.D., P.Biol. Limnologist/Water Quality Specialist, Alberta Environment

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Whispering Hills Transfer/Landfill Hours of Operation: Please go to there website. www.athabascaregionalwaste.com
Athabasca Regional Waste Transfer Stations - Free Yard Debris Disposal Week May 19 to 29th, 2017:  Download

"Respect our Lakes" an Alberta Government Web site with important information.

Financial Statements:
2015 Financial Statement Download

2016 Financial Statement Download

2017 Financial Statement Download

Wastewater & Sewage Bylaw:

Wastewater & Sewage Bylaw 2017 (Draft) - Download

Public Input Requested

The Summer Village of Sunset Beach is currently part of a 3-component project along with 7 other municipalities. One component is to adopt a Municipal Development Plan (MDP) which will be a mandatory requirement for all municipalities under the Modernized Municipal Government Act. The Municipal Development Plan is a primary document that guides the future development and growth of the whole community. The MDP sets the vision on how to accommodate this growth responsibly and serves as an important decision-making tool for Council, administration and all stakeholders. As a statutory plan required by the Alberta Municipal Government Act, the MDP provides direction for Council, administration, developers and builders, property-owners, residents and adjacent municipalities.

An MDP will address several items, including:

- future land use

- future development

- coordination

- transportation

- municipal services

Part of the process of creating and eventually adopting an MDP includes Public Consultation and Input. Please see links below to engage in this Public Consultation Process:

Project website: http://www.transitionalsolutions.ca/viewfromthehub 

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/viewfromthehub/

Baptiste Lake Area Structure Plan Bylaw 17-80


The Baptiste Lake Area Structure Plan Bylaw 17-80 (the ASP) was developed in 1979 by the Municipal Affairs for the County of Athabasca and the Summer Village of Sunset Beach, and passed into bylaw in 1980. At the time of the development the ASP, recreational uses at the lake has expanded at a rapid rate. At the same time, there were increasing concerns raised be the local residents regarding the rapid rate of development, and regarding the deterioration of lake environment and water quality. In light of these concerns, Alberta Municipal Affairs and Alberta Environment conducted a number of studies into problems relating to future development of Baptiste Lake.

The Plan Area comprises the area around Baptiste Lake which was affected by the Regulated Lake Shoreland Development Operation Regulations, A.R. 233/77, and in the southwest portion of the Plan Area, the boundary is extended by about 0.8 km (0.5 miles) to include those lands which may be affected by the re-alignment of the ring road. The Plan Area is within the administrative boundaries of the County of Athabasca and the Summer Village of Sunset Beach. Note: This Regulation ​restricted subdivision and development on Lac Ste Anne, Isle Lake, Baptiste Lake, Gulf Lake, Garner Lake, Island Lake, Lac la Biche, Lac la Nonne, Moose Lake, Muriel Lake, Lake Nakamun, Sandy Lake, Skeleton Lake, Sturgeon Lake, and Wizard Lakes. The Regulation required that lake management plans be prepared and implemented through land use bylaws prior to initiating additional shoreline subdivision or development. This Regulation has been repealed by the Province. 

Bylaw #17-80 Download

Baptiste Lake Area Structure Plan Download